Christopher Robin (aka Okibi) is an innovative and unconventional producer, live performance artist and DJ. Raised in the eclectic jungle, hardcore punk and hip-hop subcultures of the Pacific Northwest, Okibi has established a unique and evolving sound since 2005.

Okibi brings a diverse selection of styles to every live performance, from forward-thinking footwork, house and hip-hop, to rolling liquid rhythms, dubwise exclusives and grimy street anthems.

Steeped in turntablist traditions, he utilizes scratching, juggling, digital effects, mashups, edits and controllers in the mix, creating a uniquely improvisational journey through soundscapes.

Okibi’s polyrhythmic, left-field productions obscure genre conventions. Spearheading a raw, self-styled "GRAVELIFE" sound, he draws influences from everything from footwork to blues and black metal. Described as “dramatic” and “chilling”, Okibi throws the listener into a syncopated auditory abyss.

As co-founder of Union Sound System, Okibi supports a network of avant-garde musicians, artists, designers, engineers and promoters. Involved in a multitude of side-projects, including the live P.A. electro-punk stylings of AUTOMATON, Okibi honours O.G. roots through an uncompromisingly futuristic lens.